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[detail from new work/upcoming project]

Current location: YOU ARE HERE

CONTENT: Past, present and future art works by Ruth Proctor

Still from performance of smoke walk, Nida, Lithuania. The artist walks across a sand dune landscape with a blue smoke fare describing the path already walked

Smoke walk
2011 onwards

A selection of 9 photographs of Palm tree disguised mobile phone towers, a small selection from a larger project

Untitled (Hidden communications)
[Detail from Upcoming Project] 2022

Current Time: Now, but 1 Hour in the Future

2 digital photographs of 2 are conical shaped rocks sitting high up above a distant landscape.

[Large format prints]

“Proctor turns our encounter into a series of humble meditations on being”

Chris Fite-Wassilak, Hollybush Gardens Issue 3, 2015

Two photographic c-type prints, left a grey image of a flat cloudy sky and right a photograph of an eclipse from the television, both taken at the same time, reality vs a different reality.

[c-type prints]

Wave Study[series of new works under name sound_of_water__ ] 2022

Super Ruda for luck and protection in Spanish, large offset print poster in green and red

Super Ruda Poster
[offset print poster]

A black and white digital photograph of wave created by a machine

Two photographic works from Studies in reality
[series of new c-type prints] 2022
Left: virtual wave
Right: untitled [shark]

A 35mm photograph of a shark as gloss c-type print
A pdf text artwork describing a shining spinning rock appearing in front of the reader as the text is read

Rock of perception

3 black and white strips of photo booth photographs where the artist performs repeated movements trying to repeat the same actions each time.

Photo Booth Dance
[From series of automatic machine photographs]


A Polaroid photograph self portrait of the artist performing a balance on the edge of a bathtub
4 digital prints pasted onto the wall of photographs of shapes left on grass by heavy objects, leaving lighter coloured areas behind.

We have been here before (1)
[Wall pasted Large Format colour Inkjet prints]

Multiple black and white images of the artist soaked in water trying to balance a hat on a fountain of water, repeatedly failing. Images are digital prints pasted onto the wall of gallery.

Public Fountain Hat Dance
[wall pasted B/W inkjet prints]

“These works…in all their forms represent liveness, They are there and then they are not, just like all of us, temporary…
like everything eventually”

Excerpt from text of film experiments in freedom, Ruth Proctor, 2020.

9 x 35mm photographic c-type prints visually exploring fabricated rock formations and racetrack tyre patterns next to the sea in Blackpool

Blackpool Rocks
[c-type prints]

A Google maps view of the left over tyre tracks artwork on top of a car park in Peckham london. Taken by chance by satellite mapping systems, Google and apple maps
Still from performance of car drawing, drift car in motion making tyre tracks with smoke rising.

Car Drawing
[Performance] 2015
1. Google maps documentation view
2. Performance still
3. Performance Instructions

Experiments in freedom
[Video about Ruth Proctor’s artworks]

Text instructions for the car drawing performance “start car, drive in circles for as long as possible, leaving tyre tracks behind, stop car when it is no longer possible to continue”
With marker drawing of the described circles.
3 separate pages of paper framed vertically in line, each with the imprint of a blue smoke flare moving upwards.

Smoke drawing 1
[flare residue on paper]

Freedom of movement
[Mixed fabrics, 280cm x 280cm] 2018
A series of two moveable objects that travelled with the artist in a suitcase from Morocco to the UK

A group of people moving together through a concrete space making the sound of rain with their footsteps.

Rain storm
[Performance – a group of people move together making the sound of rain with their steps]


A panel of the artworks glass With a photograph of the sky with the words “Take a photograph of the sky at midday where ever you are.” The instructions for the permanent artwork placed Over the image for description purposes.

We are all under the same sky
[Permanent commission for The University of Cambridge Primary School]


Super Ruda, the alter ego of the artist passes a set of Super Ruda posters pasted on to a wall in cali Colombia. The character is wearing a cape made from a sun umbrella and a fake dark long haired wig. This image is part of a slide show of images from the performance.

Super Ruda