We are all under the same sky
[Permanent commission for The University of Cambridge Primary School]


is a permanent artwork by Ruth Proctor made for the University of Cambridge Primary school. It is part of a series of public artwork commissions for the North west Cambridge Development.

The artwork brings together sixty-seven unique images of the sky taken by people from different locations around the globe, spanning all timezones, creating a loop from its location in Cambridge around the world and back again.

As an open invitation , instructions were sent out via word of mouth and through social media and participants were asked to take a photograph of the sky at midday where ever they were at the time. Bringing together a chance network of people whose photographs collectively represent a snapshot in time, whilst reflecting that the sky above us is at once both constant and shifting.

Placed at the very heart of the school designed by Marks Barfield Architects, each image occupies a single panel of a glass cloister roof under which the schools children can walk, skipping across virtual timezones in just a few steps.

The artwork encompasses a simple yet beautiful vision of participation and equality; aspiring to broaden horizons and open up conversations beginning with our place in the world.

We are all under the same sky – a film by Sidonie Zou-Zou Roberts and Ruth Proctor

With thanks to the participants:

Fiona Nicholson – Shetland, Uk, Alexander Johnston – Camargue, France, Atef Berredjem – Annaba, Algeria, Barbara Signer – Zurich, Switzerland, Annonymous – Luanda, Angola, Yonamine Miguel – Berlin, Germany, Margaret Young – Cape Town, South Africa, Neha Gupta – Stockholm, Sweden, Kelly Tsipini-Kolaza – Paxos, Greece, Gordon Poole – Ndola, Zambia, Ronnie Close – Cairo, Egypt, Nisan Gumrucuoglu – Ankara, Turkey, Miriam Shamray – Kharkiv, Ukraine, Mark Proctor – Amman, Jordan, Maham Meshtak – Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, Rawsht Twana – Shaqlawa, Iraq, Taus Makhacheva – Makhachkala, Russia, Regina Khanipova – Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia, Sohelia Sokhanvari – Tehran, Iran, Kaneez Ali – Dubai, UAE, Shereen Hayward – Port Louis, Mauritius, Yazan Husein – Nizwa, Oman, Nayomi Dharmatileke – Male, Maldives, Umer Saud – Lahore Pakistan, Mrinmoy Das – New Delhi, India, Parma Tasha – Ladakh, India, Puttachart Suwankiri – Bangkok, Thailand, Hang Li Thi Bich – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, John Proctor – Semarang, Java, Indonesia, Alvin Lim – Singapore, Singapore, Celine H Mou – Hong Kong, China, Suncha Milic – Perth, Australia, Yuan Gao – Beijing, China, Helen Murray – Tip of Borneo, Malaysia, Raquel Anada-Ortiola – Pulilan, Philippines, Shinee – Hangzhou, China, Ryan Mortinson – Seoul, South Korea, Steven Proctor – Kerikeri, New Zealand, Xiaosong Liu – Adelaide, Australia, May Powell – Tokyo, Japan, James Hughes- Sydney, Australia, Teak Mcafee – Maui, USA, Heather and Roger Robinson – Prince William Sound, USA, Melva Evans – Adamstown, Pitcairn Islands, Nicola Sheldon – Whistler, Canada, Matthew Gonsalves – Santa Cruz, USA, Ruth Proctor – via webcam, Proctor, USA, Marcus Edensky – Easter Island, Chile, Attilia Fattori – Mexico City, Mexico, Santiago Israel Naranjo Sanchez – Galápagos Islands, Ecuador, Heather Topel – Chicago, USA, Janet Gibson – Belize City, Belize, Jade Lajer – Havana, Cuba, Diana Torres – Cali, Colombia, Samuel Tiuana Lema – Quito, Ecuador, Josh McCartney – New York, USA, Amanda Temple – Hamilton, Bermuda, Mairi Fenton – Rotherham, Adelaide Island, Antartica, Sofia Alvarez – Buenos Aires, Argentina, Leonardo Couto – São Paulo, Brazil, Johanna Björk Sveinbjornsdottir – Kulusuk, Greenland, Leo Walton – Cooper Bay, South Georgia, Sigguros Olafsdottir – Reykjavik, Iceland, Tiago Borges – Lisbon, Portugal, Mohammed Boubacrine – Menaka, Mali.

[If you were one of the participants of this project and didn’t receive your copy of the publication, please get in touch via the contact page.]